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About Us

Sedlack Development is a fourth-generation family business. The company was founded in the late 1920s in Los Angeles by Czechoslovakian immigrant Netta Sedlack. Netta moved to Hollywood from Chicago in 1919. In Hollywood her husband tuned pianos for the big-screen stars of the then-nascent movie industry.

In the late 1930s, Netta and her son John moved south to a sleepy Navy town called San Diego. There they focused on building the real estate investment shop they started in Los Angeles.

Due to the Great Depression, San Diego acreage was selling for pennies on the dollar. Living frugally and frequenting tax sale auctions, the mother (shown right in 1949 supervising a construction project on San Diego's Toyne street) and son team built up their holdings.

Demand for defense-industry housing exploded with World War II. As John Sedlack (shown left in downtown San Diego in 1939) put it, "We could not build houses fast enough; as fast as the walls went up, the places rented."

During WWII and still today, Sedlack Development played an important role sheltering the American workers and military families.

Today Sedlack Development rents, leases, and develops real estate across San Diego County and in Arizona.

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